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We hear you. You’ve got a busy job to do and a million other priorities to deal with when it comes to the daily running of your business or organisation. Creating an effective direct marketing campaign can be complicated and the last thing you want to worry about is ensuring you have chosen the most efficient postal route that ensures your campaign goes out on time and budget. Here at Dragonfly, we pride ourselves on our expert postage knowledge both throughout the UK and around the world. We understand that postage can be one of the most expensive parts of a direct marketing campaign and as a result it needs to be managed with accuracy and care. Our knowledge in formatting International direct mail in multiple languages across the globe ensures that not only is mailed received on time but is accurate to the destination.

As one of only 32 Royal Mail wholesale account holders in the UK, we are fortunate that the national postal service works as an extension of our team. On average, we mail over 40 million printed items a year, so you can rest assured that your direct mail is in good hands, and you are achieving the best prices and discounts available by using Dragonfly.

Reliable direct mail services for direct marketing campaigns of every shape and size

Print is powerful, and direct mail postage isn’t just alive and well – it’s thriving. Connecting you with your customers is our mission. By providing a well executed direct mail service, we’re certain that you’ll be well on your way to engaging and establishing trust among new and old customers alike. Receiving mail is a highly personal experience. We write to other people to make them feel valued, to update them on news, to share pictures and moments, and to connect with people afar. At Dragonfly, we’ll help you create a truly personalised mail experience whether you are mailing throughout the UK or Internationally.

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