Direct mail advertising to grow your business

Direct mail campaigns have a big job to do. Your direct mail advertising needs to stand out on the doorstep and capture the attention of your customer. Done correctly, through proper targeting and inspiring creative your direct mail campaign will motivate your target audience to engage with your brand.

Did you know that a direct mail pack stays in the recipient’s home for an average of 18 days? Printed marketing is tactile and allows the reader to engage at a time suitable to themselves or be shared with other people within the home. Although email marketing seems like the cheapest and easiest communication tool, it can be easily lost or deleted within a short space of time. 

dragonfly email statistic

We find an integrated approach for your marketing campaign is the best technique to drives sales. Ensuring that your marketing communication is highly personalised and targeted for each of your customers means that the recipient is receiving the right offers tailored specifically for them. As a result, this drives customers online or in store and therefore improving your ROI.

At every stage of your direct marketing journey, professional communication materials will ensure that customer acquisition and retention is specifically tailored to achieve the best results.

Dragonfly direct marketing services include:

• Email campaigns
• Strategic, time-sensitive direct mail campaigns
• Point of Sale advertising and displays
• Highly-personalised printing
• Marketing collateral
• Test-and-Learn & A/B testing materials
• ROI analysis to ensure your marketing is achieving the best results.

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