How we helped People’s Postcode Lottery maximise their marketing budget and increase player subscriptions

Did you know that 63% of people take direct mail more seriously than email and 98% prefer their mail to be personalised?

Over the last eight years, we’ve worked closely with People’s Postcode Lottery to deliver direct mail marketing campaigns with laser-sharp and personalised messages. Our campaigns have achieved some impressive results, allowing People’s Postcode Lottery to connect with their audience and get more subscriptions.

Since 2012, we’ve worked as an extension of People Postcode Lottery’s in-house marketing team, demonstrating our ability to build long-lasting, profitable relationships. Throughout our time with People’s Postcode Lottery, we’ve delivered a wide range of services including complete print management, postage consultancy, and artwork service so People’s Postcode Lottery could reach more players and in turn, raise more money.

Ensuring maximum ROI through targeted marketing plans
Before partnering with Dragonfly, People’s Postcode Lottery was spending quite a lot of money on untargeted, high volume mailings, which, unsurprisingly, weren’t delivering the right results.

We started our work with People’s Postcode Lottery by diving into their unique needs and finding a solution that would deliver significantly better results. Our initial approach included creating a tactical and robust marketing plan with new formats and communication routes to aid player acquisition.

Ensuring a switched on omnichannel approach was a crucial factor in the success of our direct marketing strategies. By working closely with media buying agents, Carat, we ensured a unified approach to our target segments across all channels, including digital, TV, radio, out of home and press adverts. To help the People’s Postcode Lottery’s data team get the most efficient and accurate targeting solutions, we imported TV region data and mosaic profiling into our software.

Our omnichannel approach and focused direct marketing plan produced some impressive results. Over the last eight years, we’ve helped People’s Postcode Lottery grow from 237,188 players in 2012 to 3.3 million players in 2019. Our direct marketing campaigns have also helped People’s Postcode Lottery raise a staggering £474 million for charities and good causes along the way, including Action Against Hunger, Cancer Trust, and Human Rights Watch.

How direct mail helped People’s Postcode Lottery achieve a £15:1 ROI
After three years of working with Dragonfly in 2015, People Postcode Lottery was enjoying a high-level of brand awareness. So we adjusted our marketing from focusing on increasing brand awareness to increasing conversions and player subscriptions. By adding our print and postage partner Direct Mail to our acquisition plan, People Postcode Lottery saw an impressive 600% increase in sales versus usual forecast print.

Direct mail also achieved the best annual player retention rate amongst media, which made direct mail a substantial factor in People Postcode Lottery’s marketing plan. Having acquired our own Royal Mail wholesale license, we reduced campaign costs by buying postage on behalf of People’s Postcode Lottery at the best prices on the market saving at least 15% on postage alone.

We make it a priority to ensure all direct marketing campaigns are delivered as cost-effectively as possible. When Royal Mail changed their postage fees in 2017, our team saved People’s Postcode Lottery 28% in postage costs by influencing Royal Mail to reclassify People’s Postcode Lottery’s mailing service from business mail to advertising mail.

Hard work equals huge results
Our focused marketing plan with targeted direct marketing helped People’s Postcode Lottery get staggering results, but it didn’t happen without some serious hard work. In 2018 alone, we:

Our efforts resulted in 1,145,152 subscription sales against a target of 1,013,052 and a churn of 1.56% against a target of 1.6%. Highly targeted, personalised print communication has also helped lengthen the average player lifetime by 57%. As the old saying goes, hard work pays off.

Successfully raising £197.5 million for over 2800 good causes
Print communication has become an indispensable part of People’s Postcode Lottery’s relationship with their players and has significantly influenced customer retention. Direct mail has allowed People’s Postcode Lottery to raise more money for charities year after year.

Julie Paterson, Head of Marketing at People’s Postcode Lottery, commented:

“Dragonfly’s persistence on our behalf and powerful relationship with Royal Mail ensures we can continue to maximise our marketing budgets and retain our strong commitment to mail as a marketing channel. It has been a very successful channel for us to date – our players have raised more than £197.5 million for over 2,800 good causes, and that’s in thanks partly to sound marketing strategies such as this one. Our partnership with Dragonfly has certainly been a fruitful one, and I can’t recommend their services enough.”

We are delighted to have helped People’s Postcode Lottery achieve such impressive results, and we look forward to being a part of their continued success.

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