How we helped Edinburgh Zoo retain members with direct marketing

Edinburgh Zoo needed a campaign that would engage existing members and encourage them to stay with their membership for longer. Our solution was to create a member birthday campaign and send personalised birthday cards containing a voucher to members for their birthdays.

The birthday cards provided a voucher that gave members a free hot beverage on their next visit. To give the members flexibility and time to plan, the vouchers were valid for six months from the delivery date.

Voucher redemption was impressively high with the café showing an average upsell of £21 per member.

The success of the birthday card direct marketing campaign also stimulated additional campaigns for the zoo – Edinburgh Zoo saw an increase in interest for their Adopt an Animal campaigns.

Alongside the Edinburgh Zoo member birthday cards, we created door drop campaigns to hand out specially designed leaflets to promote membership to locals within a particular drive time to the zoo. We used our Royal Mail wholesale account to help Edinburgh Zoo distribute their membership leaflets to as many local households as possible, for the best price available.

Our work with Edinburgh Zoo has been exciting and has yielded astonishing results.

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