How we helped Denplan achieve a 99.9% retention rate through direct mailing

Dental practices rely on reaching and acquiring new patients within an overwhelmingly competitive market for dental practices and have few opportunities to build relationships with patients they may only see twice per year. That was the exact situation facing Denplan, the UK’s leading dental plan provider, when they approached us about a direct marketing campaign. Denplan needed a way to deliver information about fee changes for the coming year and keep patients informed of any changes before their dental visit.

Working together to create an engaging and useful booklet
We kick started this project by diving into the brief, exploring the requirements for creating a Denplan communication pack using the SimplyHealth brand guidelines. Our interactive booklet needed to contain valuable information that would engage Denplan’s patients and encourage them to stay in Denplan’s care.

To properly nurture relationships, the project consisted of two parts. Part one would inform patients of changes to their fees with an A4-sized booklet. The 2nd stage aimed to update them on the services available and answer common questions with an A5 booklet with fold out panels.

Effective collaboration from start to end
Once signed off, the in-house team at Denplan shared the required data and our team created data briefs of necessary information, including flag code instructions, for our suppliers/partners. Once the teams at Denplan and Dragonfly approved the proofs, the campaign was sent to get printed and sent out to patients. Our team exchanged regular contact with Denplan’s in-house team to make sure the process was straightforward from start to finish.

Record breaking results to the booklet campaign
Denplan successfully communicated with their dentists and were able to keep them engaged in their professional relationship. Dentists got the chance to restructure their fees and create a customised message for their clients at the same time.

We were delighted to see a fantastic response to the campaign, which received unprecedented customer engagement with record breaking responses. Dentists really appreciated the customisable approach and Denplan reported a retention rate of 99.9% of IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive) and achieved a 12% saving.

It was an honour to be part of this unique project and to witness the success of Denplan’s interactive booklet campaign and receive a glowing testimony from Helen Walker, Systems Coordinator (Smart Communications) at SimplyHealth:

“Dragonfly fulfilled our business’ largest operational mailing for us. Although this is an annual mailing, this year it was the platform to launch our new brand to our customer base and it was vital that this was achieved with minimal impact to our customer facing teams. Their attention to detail and quick understanding of our requirements ensured the process was straightforward from start to finish enabling us to send a large scale, multi-part mailing campaign with extensive personalisation and both hard and soft copy literature.

With Dragonfly we’ve been able to push beyond our past achievements. Our latest campaign received unprecedented customer engagement with record breaking responses. The team also provided us with the ability to send high volumes of emails with attachments for the first time, ensuring that correspondence preferences were acknowledged, adding value for our customers and us.

Our experience with Dragonfly’s end to end service has been wonderful. Regular exchanges with a single point of contact at the agency eased the entire process and Dragonfly’s strong ideas generation has broadened the scope of our mailings. All this while still reducing our spend on print and postage!”

Create your successful mailing campaign with Dragonfly
Here at Dragonfly, we use creative and innovative approaches to deliver results through direct marketing. By combining passion, powerful relationships and proven expertise, we help our clients create direct marketing campaigns that engages and retains dental patients.

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