Discover naked mailed brochures and catalogues

There are so many varying forms of direct mail that you can send out to engage your target audience. Typical of the spring period, we have seen many of our favourite naked mailed brochures and catalogues landing on doormats recently. To name a few we have had Sarah Raven with their fabulous Spring 2021 catalogue, Cox & Cox Spring 2021 filled to the brim with stunning photography and an enticing 20% off your first order, and other favourites including Bella di Notte, Pavers and Lily Ella.


What is a naked mailed brochure or catalogue?

Naked mailing is a traditional form of sending a catalogue or brochure to customers without any additional packaging. Naked mailed items have played an integral role in many brands’ marketing strategies for decades now and continue to today. They are also a cost effective and environmentally friendly method of communicating with customers as they don’t use any extra packaging such as envelopes, paper wrap or poly-wrapping. Not only is it environmentally friendly to mail this way, but the recipient can also immediately experience the look and feel of your campaign.


Why use a naked mailed brochure or catalogue?

These formats have always been and continue to be a powerful way for businesses to showcase their product range to customers. They are also a great way to drive customers online supporting a true multi-channel experience and maximising sales and customer lifetime value.

Page upon page of stunning photography, incentivised pricing, personalised offers paired with an outstanding print output and the right choice of paper can make for a truly compelling piece of marketing that most will find difficult to resist.


Not only are the physical aspects of a catalogue something to behold, but we now have access to data which proves the effectiveness and staggering longevity thanks to the incredible work done by JICMAIL. With an average lifespan of mail order addressed mail sitting at an impressive 7.62 days in the household, we also know that they will reach on average pf 12% more individuals than historically thought and generate in excess of 390,000 commercial impacts per 100,000 mail items making for very impressive reading.

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