Print Item of the Month – May

Boundary Technologies

For May’s Print Item of the Month, we have chosen Boundary Technologies who we have been working closely with since the launch of their “simple to use” security systems. Using state of the art technology and intel from a reformed burglar, Boundary have covered every base when it comes to making their customers’ homes safe and secure.

With a passion and trust in mail, Boundary were keen to communicate their message and product through the use of partially addressed data and some intelligent targeting. We couldn’t choose one piece as May’s winner as they are all great so we chose their whole mail journey so far!

After some initial discussions, we decided that partially addressed mail was the best fit for introducing Boundary to the market, with lower postage rates and lower data costs, it enabled Boundary to spread their budget out slightly further. In addition to these initial mailings, we decided it would be a great idea to create a separate project where they target households that are on the same street as their current customers. We used the recipient’s street name to personalise the front of the postcard to say for example, “There’s now a house that burglars will avoid on Stafford Street” with the intention of encouraging new customers to sign up if they know a neighbour of theirs has a Boundary system. As we know, personalisation increases response rates hugely so including the street name makes the piece stand out from the crowd.

Another approach we have taken to make sure the mail pieces land on the right doorstep is exploring ‘Home Mover’ data. This has enabled us to get in front of people who have moved house and will hopefully be looking at buying a security system to protect their new home. The home mover creative that was used included a checklist of security related tasks that everyone should carry out when moving home and the final point was to visit Boundary’s website and included a QR code on the reverse to make the journey from mail piece to website seamless for the recipient.

It’s a very exciting time working with Boundary as there is huge opportunity for testing and exploring the wonderful world of print, mail and data. Boundary’s website offers all of the information you would need on their systems so be sure to take a look! 

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