After our hugely successful 12 days of Christmas campaign here at Dragonfly back in December, we wanted to continue engaging with our charity contacts are really understand how direct mail performs as part of their marketing mix. Not only as a standalone channel, but also how it supports their digital channels to provide their supporters with an engaging and emotive multi-channel experience.

We are huge advocates of direct mail and door drop channels here at Dragonfly and the most exciting finding from our recent survey is that these channels are still high on many charities priority lists when it comes to fundraising. Here are two of our favourite results from the survey

  • 80% of the charities we spoke with use direct mail to generate donations and income


  • 72% of charities surveyed said they would be sending either more or the same amount of direct mail this year compared to 2020 and nobody said they would send less


  • Rather interestingly, we found that 64% of charities thought that email was better value for money compared to direct mail – As huge fans of JICMail (The industry body for monitoring mail performance), we know that when you consider metrics such as campaign impacts/commercial impacts, you get far more bang for your buck when using this highly personalised offline channel


One of the key findings from the survey that we found interesting was the misconception around the environmental impact of using paper mail channels. 52% of the brands who engaged with our survey said they thought that mail was worse for the environment than digital alternatives. This is something we know as an industry leader not to be true. Through the incredible work of organisations such as Two Sides and World Land Trust, we know that mail is far more environmentally friendly than is currently perceived by many. It is a uniquely renewable and sustainable product.


As a follow up to this survey, we feel it is vital to bring to life just how environmentally friendly paper-based communications are and the surprising stats around growing digital waste that we as consumers and marketing teams simply may not be aware of.

To register your interest to receive a copy of our upcoming white paper on Paper vs Digital – The hidden facts around sustainability, please email and we’d be happy to send you a copy when ready.