8 DM mistakes to avoid

When it comes to planning your direct mail campaign, there are lots of different elements to remember and consider so it is really easy to miss something. We have put our heads together to come up with a few mistakes we often see which we hope will be helpful!

  1. Too much white space

A frequent error we see is not using the creative to its full capacity. A lot of white space can often be a waste of an opportunity and money. The space could be filled with a QR code or another call to action.


  1. Not including a BRE

Not including a BRE in a pack can massively impact response rates as it makes it more difficult for a recipient to respond. It is important to make sure the BRE is the correct size as well so that the items fit in comfortably.


  1. Online and offline channels not supporting each other

Not linking up your marketing channels and creating a seamless customer journey can make your campaign disjointed. In the case of mail, it is important that it links up with any digital communication.


  1. Not opting for the right stock

There are endless options when it comes to paper stock which sometimes makes it difficult to decide. For example, a luxury jewellery brand will want the paper quality to reflect their brand and ensure the images ‘pop’. This is why it is important to get hold of samples prior to the mailing.


  1. Busy envelope

The first thing you see! A loud and vibrant envelope will of course attract the attention of the recipient but in some cases less is more. If there is too much going on on the envelope it can distract the recipient from the message and ‘call to action’.


  1. Not cleaning your data

Data is King but only if it is clean! Prior to a mailing, a data cleanse should always be carried out in order to suppress any deceased records, people who have moved house or people have signed up and paid for MPS (Mail Preference Service). This avoids offence, wasted mail packs and wasted money.


  1. Not including personalisation

Personalisation can increase response rates enormously and for very little extra cost to your campaign. Even some simple profiling and segmentation can add so much value to the mail piece.


  1. Not prepping your artwork for print

Richard, our graphic designer has come up with some tips for designers when prepping artwork for print:

  1. Bleed – make sure it is set to at least 3mm
  2. Personalisation – Set the perso ink to a spot colour and keep all perso text on separate layers
  3. Address block – is it aligned with the outer? If you’re using windowed outers, does it pass a tap test? Will it be visible at all times and not only that – make sure no sensitive information can be seen through the window.
  4. ID codes – are all your ID codes in place and clear of trim areas and perforations?
  5. Colours – make sure you have no unwanted Pantone colours in your job
  6. Images – ensure they are all high resolution and CMYK
  7. Dielines and perforations – make sure they are correct, on separate layers and indicated with a spot ink
  8. Logos – are all the correct WLT, FSC, Recycle, Gift Aid etc logos included
  9. Preflight – when handing over artwork to print, make sure all links, fonts and images are packaged and sent across
We know Direct Mail can seem a daunting subject so we hope this blog has helped to know a few things that you can avoid to make the whole process a bit more straightforward! If you would like more tips and tricks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: info@thedragonflyagency.co.uk